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There are times when all I can do is ask “why?”  Well, to be honest, it’s usually, “WTF were you thinking?” or “WTF, did you think?  Do you even know how?”  This morning has been one of those days already.

My usual routine in the mornings is to stumble to the coffee pot — thank goodness for auto-timers so the coffee is ready when I get up — down a mug of that wondrous liquid why forcing my eyes open.  After a quick read of the newspaper, I listen to the local news, eat and then figure out what’s on the plate for the day.  This morning was no different, with one exception.  I left the TV on after the local news and caught the teasers for upcoming segments on Good Morning America.

One of the stories they blurbed was the classic, “WTF are you thinking?  Can you think?” moments.  It showed a 30-something mother giving her 8 year old daughter botox injections.  Yep, that’s right.  Botox for a child.  No, there was no medical reason for it.  Yep, it gets worse.

In what I can only believe is a mother projecting onto her daughter, this woman — and I use that term loosely — defends injecting her daughter with botox because her daughter wants it.  Her daughter who competes in beauty pageants.  This 8 year old who worries about lines (lines that are, in reality, very cute dimples).  Mama’s defense, the daughter wants it and you have to understand just how cut-throat the pageant circuit can be.

Wait, there’s more.  Mama is giving these injections in her home.  She is getting the botox from someone she won’t identify because, gee, if it is a doctor he could be sanctioned or worse.  Mama is more worried about protecting her supplier than she is about the psychological issues she is creating with her daughter.  After all, Mama uses botox and it’s safe.

Head->desk.  Repeat.

This is the same mother who waxed her daughter’s upper legs.  The 8 year old said it was okay, although she won’t do it again because it hurt so much, but it was okay because hairy legs aren’t ladylike.  Somehow, I don’t think this is something she thought of on her own.

Mother’s head->desk.  Repeat.

This is the sort of story that just burns me.  Here is a kid who is being forced to fit a stereotype instead of just being a kid.  To this 8 year old, I hate to say it, but you need to be the grown-up and tell your mother to stop.  To the mother, damn, woman, if child services doesn’t investigate you, you’re lucky.  More than that, you insisted on this interview so you could tell your side of the story.  You gave no thought to how it would reflect on your daughter or how the kids at her school will react.  Get a life.

End of rant.  Back to work now.

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