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A couple of days ago, Sarah A. Hoyt’s post Bring Back That Wonder Feeling got a lot of people, yours truly included, thinking. The basic gist of the post (and this is just scratching the surface of it. Please, go read it yourselves) is that much of science fiction, and even fantasy, has lost that sense of wonder it once had. Too much is either dystopian or politically/socially correct claptrap stories. Looking at the comments that followed, both to that post and to the next (What is Human Wave Science Fiction), it is clear a number of people have wanted that feeling of wonder to return.

If you’re one of those who misses the days of entertaining stories, characters you can care about, etc., I recommend you check out the two posts linked above. I also recommend her post today, You Got to Move It Move It.

The reason I am so excited by these posts, and especially by the comments to them, is that it shows there are readers out there who want the sort of stories I like to read and, more importantly, the type I like to write. The fact writers now have the opportunity to publish our books through channels that bypass certain gatekeepers that still want to push political or social agendas that don’t seem to celebrate the human condition or individualism or, gasp, innovation means these books can now find their way to the marketplace. I don’t know about you, but that excites me.

So get thee over to According to Hoyt and read these posts. They are well worth your while, imo.



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